Top 3 Industrial Extractor Fans In 2021

There are two major types of industrial extractor fans. Axial fans and Centrifugal fans. The main function of an axial fan is that it moves air in one direction. On the other hand, centrifugal fans move air outwards. Industrial fans are used in different applications, for example, in construction sites also in gymnasiums.

These fans extract the polluted air with fresh air. They provide us a large airflow with the help of many rotating blades connected with a shaft. The fans are used in large workspaces like industries. These fans are very costly, but I will provide a list of industrial extractor fans you can buy at a low price.

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You can say these three shapes are the different types of axial fans. Fan wheel’s diameter has ranged from less than a foot to over 30 feet. You can say axial fans are used where you need a large volume of airflow. And centrifugal fans are required where you need both air flow and high pressure.

Like axial fans, there are also further two types of centrifugal fans.

  • Forward Curved centrifugal fans
  • Backward Curved Centrifugal fans

Forward curved centrifugal fan has several blades that bend in the rotation direction. These fans automatically speed up as resistance increases.

On the other hand, backward centrifugal fans have a small number of large blades, which bends away from the direction of rotation. Backward curved centrifugal fans need more speed than forward curved to generate pressure.


  1. Industrial Extractor Fans & Speed Controller

  2. Extractor Exhaust Axial Blower Ventilation Fan

  3. Metal Industrial Ventilation Extractor Axial Exhaust Fan

1.Industrial Extractor Fan & Speed Controller     


                                                                                                                                                                                                   This fan is entirely made for commercial places, all types of workshops, and restaurants. The industrial extractor fan also has a capacitor and speed regulator.

Industrial Extractor Fan

Industrial Extractor Fan


You can control all its features. This is available in different sizes. Its upper wire area is coated with powder steel for safety purposes. Its motor is winding with 100% pure copper. It’s all body. It is made of metal and blades. Its voice is shallow, and its running is very stable. CE also approves it. Its weight is 25Kg.


2.Extractor Exhaust Axial Blower Ventilation Fan 


                                                                                                                                                                                                       It is of the best fan because it has two functionalities. If you swap the neutral wire, it will blow the air other than extracting. This is also suitable for all types of industries and workspaces. This extractor fan cannot have a speed controller.

Extractor Exhaust Axial

Extractor Exhaust Axial Blower Ventilation Fan

Its wire is coated with steel powder. In the case of noise, this is very comfortable. Its axial fan has a metal grill. You can also use this fan on your poultry farm because of its dual functionalities. Available in a single-phase and available in different sizes from 8 inches to 34.


3.Metal Industrial Extractor Fans & Axial Exhaust Fan 


                                                                                                                                                                                                  The fan has a safety grill on both sides. Specially designed for commercial use and wire is steel coated. Its shape is square in design. It’s all body. It is made of metal and blades. Its motor is winding with pure copper.

3.Metal Industrial Ventilation Extractor Axial Exhaust Fan

Metal Industrial Ventilation Extractor Axial                                   Exhaust Fan

It also has a speed controller. CE approves this fan quality. Its sizes are 14 to 24 inches. If you have a large or medium restaurant, warehouses, or workshop, then I will suggest that you should have to use this fan in your workplaces. Its weight is 20 Kg with pure metal.

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