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In workplaces like the Kitchen, Carpeting workplace, Commercial Workplaces, and other workplaces like these, work creates a hazardous environment. To overcome this dangerous environment, you should have to use Portable Extractor Fan at these places. The main benefit of a ventilation fan is that you can easily port your fans to your new workplace when you want to change your workplace.

Other places like pumping stations, sewers, and tanks have hazardous intrinsically due to specific gases and dust. Portable fans are also beneficial for these places. You can extract dangerous air from these places.

portable extractor fan

With the addition of a flexible duct with fans, you can increase the functionality of fans. These fans are limited to their pressure and flow. Centrifugal fans can move air at a great distance with the help of a duct. A larger unit can move 20000m3/hr.


Steel or Plastic portable Extractor Fan


You think steel fans are perfect and cheap; then I will spend more money on a plastic-cased ventilator. It’s all about durability. Plastic fans are more durable than steel fans. Metal cased ventilation fans cannot bare knocks and bumps. On the other hand, plastic ventilation fans can bear knocks and bumps. You can stack one on the other plastic portable ventilation fans if you have limited space in your storeroom.


ATEX Rated  and Safe Ventilator Fans


It would help if you had to select explosion free ventilation fans because some workplaces have an explosive atmosphere. I suggest that you choose ATEX Rated (EX) Explosion-proof portable axial fan anti-static flexible air duct.

Another solution also available you can use a Clustajet ventilator. This fan can’t use electricity. Clustajet Fans can’t have moving parts. It has its nozzles, which discharge compressed air in the direction of airflow.


Duct for Portable Ventilation Fans 


                                                                                       The flexible duct which attaches to the fan are may be different in color or way of fixing and joining. Flexible ducts are higher pressure resistance.

heavy duty industrial duct hose

Heavy Duty Industrial Duct Hose

The chimney can bend anywhere to go. Flexible ducts come in different sizes, like 5m to 10m.


Power Supply for Extractor Fan 


Commonly 230v is preferred for workshop-like welding bay. But if the unit will be used on-site, then 110 v is chosen. But in the case of centrifugal fans, there is not a choice of voltage. They depend upon the size, for example, 230v for a small and 415v for a large unit.


Air Filtering 


                                            Portable fans can be connected to the filter unit; you can join the air filter from where a fan is attached to the air duct. The air filter’s primary purpose is to filter the air before supplied in the then confined area. Air filters help us in purifying the contaminated and dust particles from the air.




It would help if you had to keep in mind these all points when selecting portable Extractor fans. You should choose plastic fans, and they should be ATEX rated. You can use an air duct and air filter unit to increase its functionality.

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